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Why VeCollal®

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VeCollal® Beauty is a biomimetic of human collagen type 1

Traditionally, type 1 collagen supplements are made from bovine, porcine or marine sources due to their similar amino acid profile to human collagen. However, it is becoming well acknowledged that animal-based products are both ethically and sustainably challenging.

Besides these challenges, animal collagen is not identical to human collagen and even lacks certain essential amino acids such as l-tryptophan, making it an incomplete source of protein.

As illustrated, there are significant differences between the amino acid profile of human type 1 collagen and commercially available animal-based collagen supplements.

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That is where VeCollal® is different: when it comes to amino acid profiles, VeCollal® is identical to human type 1 collagen and supplies the perfect ratios for building collagen naturally in the body.

In fact, VeCollal® is a biomimetic of human type 1 collagen aiming to emulate the natural synthesis process for human type 1 collagen using vegan analogues.

No other animal collagen source has this characteristic: only Vecollal® perfectly mimics human type 1 collagen thanks to a patent-pending formulation.

As well as this, three plant-based, powerhouse nutrients which stimulate the body’s natural collagen production system are included in VeCollal®’s formulation.



Several studies have shown ginseng to increase collagen production.


Vitamin C

Supports normal collagen production.



Used for centuries in Asia to improve wound healing, studies have demonstrated a stimulating effect on collagen. 

These components will stimulate the body to make optimal use of the perfect supply of amino acid building stones provided by VeCollal® to produce collagen.

This process is illustrated here:

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In summary, Vecollal® perfectly mimics the human collagen type 1 profile, providing the human body with the ideal supply of amino acids.

To ensure these building blocks are optimally used, 3 scientifically proven ingredients are added to ensure optimal collagen production.

But is VeCollal® a collagen itself?

VeCollal® mimicks how animal collagen works using only vegan ingredients. 

Learn how this works in the short video below.

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IN VITRO: VeCollal® increases collagen production by 134,97%

VeCollal® is a vegan, sustainable and allergen-free alternative to popular animal-sourced collagen supplements. Formulated and developed in collaboration with Dr. Josué Jiménez Vázquez, PhD in biomaterials and tissue engineering, the efficiency of its ingredients are scientifically backed by over 70 independent studies.

In addition, VeCollal® Beauty has been succesfully tested in 4 clinical trials to date: 1 in vitro trial and 3 human trials, of which 1 independent IRB trial, with results pending publication.


To demonstrate the effectiveness of VeCollal®, human skin fibroblasts were used (the main cell types involved in collagen synthesis). Different concentrations of VeCollal® were tested in the culture medium and compared against the collagen expressed with cells without treatment (MOCK). Our results showed that the VeCollal® formulation, at a concentration of 10 mg/ml, induces the synthesis of new collagen in the cells.

After two days, the treatment with VeCollal® more than doubled (+134.97%) the collagen production in fibroblasts compared with the control.

These results validate the efficacy of VeCollal® in the synthesis induction of new human type I collagen using only vegan, plant-based sources.

HUMAN TRIAL: VeCollal® reduces wrinkles by 32,9% and increases collagen density by 7,7% in just 8 weeks - published study

After initial successful in vitro trials and human pilot trials, VeCollal® Beauty was further evaluated in an independent clinical trial (IRB) by the Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science.

The prestigious Journal of Functional Foods, a leading publication in the fields of nutraceuticals, peer-reviewed the research and approved it for publication.

The article has been published and can be found here:

The protocol

In total, 90 subjects were tested in a double-blind, randomized and placebo controlled trial.

The VeCollal® subjects ingested 5 gr of VeCollal® daily for 8 weeks.

Each subject was required to undergo skin condition measurement and blood sampling at week 0, week 4 and at week 8.

Test parameters: skin wrinkles – skin collagen density –skin texture – skin elasticity - skin hydration – skin pores  – safety evaluation of liver & kidney function related markers.

The results

  • VeCollal® reduced the average value of wrinkles by 32,9 % in just 8 weeks’ time.

  • This result rivals or outperforms the best animal collagen supplements on the market today.


In just 8 weeks, at a low daily dose of 5 gr , VeCollal reduced wrinkles by an amazing 32,9% in an independent, peer reviewed study ran by a University of Pharmacy and Science

Collagen density

After consuming VeCollal® for 8 weeks, the average value of collagen density was 7.7% higher than the first week indicating that VeCollal® can help maintain skin collagen and alleviate collagen degradation.​



  • VeCollal® increased skin elasticity by 6% in 8 weeks. 



  • VeCollal® reduced skin roughness by 13,1% in 8 weeks



  • VeCollal® increased skin hydration by 6% in 8 weeks.



  • VeCollal® decreased pore size by 5,6% in 8 weeks


Safety evaluation

After consuming VeCollal® daily for 8 weeks, no significant changes in safety markers were detected, indicating VeCollal® is a safe supplement for daily use.


The independent, golden standard clinical trial on VeCollal® has clearly demonstrated it is a highly efficient supplement to improve all markers of skin appearance wit a low daily dose of 5 gr.

This clearly positions VeCollal® as the most scientifically researched vegan alternative to popular collagen supplements.

Animal or vegan source? The choice is all yours. Without any compromise in results.


Oral supplementation of vegan collagen biomimetic has beneficial effects on human skin physiology: A double-blind, placebo-controlled study

Yung-Kai Lin a b c, Chia-Hua Liang d, Yung-Hsiang Lin e, Tai-Wen Lin e, Josué Jiménez Vázquez f, Anthony van Campen f, Chi-Fu Chiang e

Want to learn more?

Please contact us for a full overview of our scientific research.

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