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How it works

VeCollal® is a biomimetic of human collagen type 1

Traditionally, type 1 collagen supplements are made from bovine, porcine or marine sources due to their similar amino acid profile to human collagen. However, it is becoming well acknowledged that animal-based products are both ethically and sustainably challenging.

Besides these challenges, animal collagen is not identical to human collagen and even lacks certain essential amino acids such as l-tryptophan, making it an incomplete source of protein.

As illustrated, there are significant differences between the amino acid profile of human type 1 collagen and commercially available animal-based collagen supplements.

sama 2.gif

That is where VeCollal® is different: when it comes to amino acid profiles, VeCollal® is identical to human type 1 collagen and supplies the perfect ratios for building collagen naturally in the body.

In fact, VeCollal® is a biomimetic of human type 1 collagen aiming to emulate the natural synthesis process for human type 1 collagen using vegan analogues.

No other animal collagen source has this characteristic: only Vecollal® perfectly mimics human type 1 collagen thanks to a patent-pending formulation.

As well as this, three plant-based, powerhouse nutrients which stimulate the body’s natural collagen production system are included in VeCollal®’s formulation.



Several studies have shown ginseng to increase collagen production.


Vitamin C

Supports normal collagen production.



Used for centuries in Asia to improve wound healing, studies have demonstrated a stimulating effect on collagen. 

These components will stimulate the body to make optimal use of the perfect supply of amino acid building stones provided by VeCollal® to produce collagen.

This process is illustrated here:

Tonyvencampen_3 (without bkg)-01.png

In summary, Vecollal® perfectly mimics the human collagen type 1 profile, providing the human body with the ideal supply of amino acids.

To ensure these building blocks are optimally used, 3 scientifically proven ingredients are added to ensure optimal collagen production.

But is VeCollal® a collagen itself?

VeCollal® mimicks how animal collagen works using only vegan ingredients. 

Learn how this works in the short video below.

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